The Five Second Rule Only Works Because Your Kitchen Floor Is Relatively Clean

The five-second rule—the idea that you can safely eat fallen food if you pick it up within five seconds—is as controversial as it is popular. While technically it’s not really true, it works because your kitchen floor is pretty clean.

As the video above explains, the five-second rule is technically untrue. More specifically, there isn’t really a set period of time in which foods can’t pick up bacteria. Sitting on the floor for one second is as bad as sitting on the floor for five.

However, you’ve likely picked up food off the floor within five seconds and been fine. What gives? Well, as the video goes on to explain, your kitchen floor is likely one of the cleaner surfaces in your kitchen. You can eat food off it because you clean it. A study by the International Journal of Environmental Health Research found that surfaces like the refrigerator handle and even the kitchen counter contained more bacteria colonies per square inch than the kitchen floor.

You also touch a lot of objects that are way dirtier than your kitchen floor every day. Your phone, wallet, purse, and money all get washed less often and touched more frequently than your kitchen floor. They have a much higher potential for carrying bacteria, yet no one thinks twice about grabbing their smartphone in the middle of a meal. Well, at least not for health reasons.

Of course, this depends a lot on how much you clean your floor and what kinds of foods you drop. However, if you clean your kitchen floor, but don’t clean the things you touch often like faucet or door handles, then you’re not putting yourself at extra risk just by eating food that was on the floor for a couple seconds. So, don’t worry. You can still eat food you dropped. Just make sure that you’re cleaning your floor (and all the other surfaces in your kitchen) once in a while.

The 5 Second Rule: It’s Still Not a Thing. | Healthcare Triage


Man in VR headset falls off fake cliff and hits a very real floor

Man in VR headset falls off fake cliff and hits a very real floor

One day, we’ll have an entire Tumblr account for hilarious VR accidents, but until then, George Takei’s Facebook account will have to do. Takei, the Star Trek alum and current boss of sharing things on Facebook, recently shared a video of a man attempting to conquer a virtual cliff while inside an Oculus headset; it didn’t go well.

While climbing up a virtual mountain, the unnamed user had an unexpected fall — both in-game and in real life. The fall was a minor one, and it seems nothing is hurt but his pride.

The spill does outline a significant danger for virtual reality in that it might sometimes be too immersive. An immersive experience is what it’s all about, so it’s hard to suggest companies dial it back. Instead, maybe some genius out there can come up with a way to keep headset-wearers safe while they’re saving the world from pixelated zombies, or viewing some VR porn.

Perhaps the funniest part of the video is what’s happening in the background. If you look closely to the rear-right of the screen, you’ll see two men in blue shirts (Microsoft employees) pop up to assess what just happened before disappearing behind the counter again.

via GeekWire

He fell for it on Facebook

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