Remains of the Day: Hulu Now Streaming in 4K

If you’re a Hulu subscriber with a 4K-capable gaming console, you can now stream select shows and movies in 4K. Right now their ultra HD offerings include some original Hulu shows as well as the entire James Bond oeuvre. That and more in today’s news.

For now, you’ll need an Xbox One S or PlayStation 4 Pro to stream 4K on Hulu, with support for more devices coming in 2017. They call it “4K Ultra HD” to sound like it’s dangerously high definition. So many pixels! Remember, you’ll also need a very high speed internet connection, a 4K television, and even then you might not actually notice the improvement because 1080p is already very good. [Hulu]
In the spirit of our ‘How I Work’ series on Lifehacker, Adam Bertram has been asking people in the IT field about their work habits and gear. Aptly hosted on GitHub, here’s how they work.
To celebrate their newfound independence, Republic Wireless is offering six months of free service when you purchase a new phone. The offer only applies to the Moto Z Play purchased between December 7th and 12th, and Huawei Ascend 5W between December 13th and 19th. [The Verge]
Microsoft is having a 12 days of deals holiday sale. Amazon is also having a 12 days of deals holiday sale. “Deal” with it.Ever since Gmail updated their iOS app one thing has been a thorn in my side: There’s no obvious way to mark a message as unread. But it can be done! Select the message in the inbox and then click the envelope icon. Voila, marked as unread. That’s very easy, but there’s nothing in the app to tell you that. See a demo below.


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