The Coolest Features You Can Unlock in Android’s Developer Options

Android’s developer options menu is a secret treasure trove of tweaks that adventurous users can play with. If you want to install any app to your SD card, speed up window animations, or even save some battery life, here’s how to unlock and use this hidden menu.

It’s easy to enable Android’s developer options, but it’s hidden so you don’t accidentally stumble on it. Keep in mind, these options are hidden for a reason. They’re designed to give developers tools they need to test things, and changing them without knowing what they do might cause some of your apps to work incorrectly. If something stops working, try reverting the changes you made before complaining to the developer. That being said, some of these tweaks are genuinely useful and work great. To turn on developer options, follow these steps:

Open your app drawer and tap Settings to open the Settings app.Scroll down and tap About Phone. Look for the setting “Build number.”Tap “Build number” seven times in a row.A toast notification should appear saying you’re now a developer. That’s it! You’re in.

Once you enable developer mode, you should see a new “Developer Options” menu in your Settings app with all kinds of goodies in it. These are some of the cool things you can do with it.

If you try to install an app to your SD card and it doesn’t work, you can enable “Force allow apps on external” in Developer Options. This will force the app to let you store it on your card, rather than taking up your internal memory. Of course, there may be a good reason why the developer blocked this option. Some apps are looking for files in a specific place and won’t work if the app is installed somewhere it doesn’t expect. So if the app doesn’t work when it’s installed on your card, try uninstalling it and putting it on the internal storage. However, other developers simply do it for simplicity, even though the app will work. If you download a huge app and want to make use of that SD card you’re lucky to have, switch this on and see just how much space you can free up.

Neither game supports split-screen, but now you can play both at the same time.

Google introduced split-screen mode in Android Nougat and it’s pretty handy, but some apps won’t work in split-screen. However, you can force them to open in split-screen anyway, so you can play Pokémon Go while you check your email, for example. Once again, this is usually because split screen mode might break the app, but sometimes it’s just because they haven’t optimized for it yet. If you want to try anyway, enable “Force activities to be resizable” in developer options and restart your device. Now, all apps will work in split-screen mode. There’s just a chance some of them won’t look great, or they might crash altogether.

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