Remains of the Day: Uber Wants to Track Your Location Even When You’re Not Using It

Uber recently started asking permission to collect your location data even when you aren’t using the app, and some people are understandably concerned. Uber says that they won’t literally track you everywhere you go; they just need a little more data about your pick-up and drop-off.

Some people are reticent to grant Uber complete access to their location data even when the app is closed. The intention, Uber says, is that they want to study rider habits to improve the pick-up and drop-off experience and that it will only look at your location for five minutes after you get dropped off. On iPhones, though, that means you need to grant them access to your location even when you’re not using the app. (Android users seem to be in the same boat with a request that just says “Please enable location services.”) If you’re really paranoid, you could refuse permission whenever you’re not using the app, and then grant access when you need it. [TechCrunch]
In other news, Facebook is stopping Prisma users from broadcasting their painterly filters on Facebook Live. They’re cutting off Prima’s API access on the grounds that the Live Video API is intended to be used by professional publishers who use external cameras for their Facebook Live broadcasts, and not to broadcast from other apps. Facebook, coincidentally, is launching similar filters of their own. [TechCrunch]
Tor has issued an important update to address a Firefox vulnerability that could be exploited to de-anonymize users. Mozilla’s open-source Firefox provides the underlying code for the anonymous Tor Browser. [Ars Technica]
You can now make Twitter Moments within the mobile app. Twitter Moments are essentially just collections of tweets that you can use to tell a story. [Twitter]
Ariana Huffington’s new health and wellness-focused venture is selling a $100 bed for your phone. Goodnight, moon, goodnight, phone. [Gizmodo]


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