Marinate Tough Greens in Oil (and Use It for Dressing) for Tastier Salads

Tough greens, like kale and collard greens, can take some work to make them suitable for salad but if you marinate them in oil for a bit first, you’ll tenderize them, make your salad even tastier, and start a light dressing all at the same time.

The waxy coating on greens like kale is oil soluble, which is why a quick bath in the oil you’ll use for your dressing is able to break through and tenderize the leaves. When prepping your greens, massage them with a little oil, then let them sit for about half an hour. Drain extra oil, pat them dry a bit if you want to get even more off, and finally add some acid or other dressing ingredients and toss the greens. At the end,you’ll have a salad with a more enjoyable texture. If you’re concerned about added fat or calories from the oil, just account for it when mixing your dressing, and you’ll be all set..

Marinate Tough Greens, Use Fresh Herbs, and More Pro Tips for Better Salads | Serious Eats

Image from ilovemypit.


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