Outfit your phone with one-touch hotkeys using this Dimple 4-Button NFC Sticker

dimple 4-button nfc sticker

A home button just isn’t enough anymore. As with your keyboard shortcuts, you need hotkeys on your smartphone to instantly parachute you into the app or other phone features you use regularly. And they naturally need to work with one-touch functionality — like with this wickedly innovative Dimple 4-Button NFC Sticker.

Right now, this ingenious accessory is just $19.99 courtesy of TNW Deals.

All you have to do is stick the Dimple buttons to the back of a compatible smartphone and you’re ready to go. The buttons are programmed through a simple app to do almost anything you want. One can instantly pop open an app like Facebook or Instagram, while another can make a phone call with a single button push. Take a picture, turn on Wi-Fi, or do any of a hundred different operations as fast as you can press a button.

The sticker charges the buttons automatically right from your phone, is waterproof and works with any non-metal, late-model Android, Windows, or Blackberry phone.

Get your phone working as fast as your fingers do with the Dimple 4-Button NFC Sticker, available for a limited time at 20 percent off from TNW Deals.

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