Nintendo teases its grand vision for the upcoming Super Mario theme parks

Nintendo has teamed up with Universal to build a series of theme parks in Japan, Orlando and Hollywood, and today the company dropped an intriguing teaser that gives fans a better idea of what to expect.

Nintendo creative director Shigeru Miyamoto and Universal creative Mark Woodbury had a chance to lay out their vision for the upcoming attraction park expansion in a new video published by the Japanese game-maker.

The project aims to “bring the essence of [Nintendo’s] games to life in the real world” by building a “larger-than-life” adventure full of exciting games and iconic characters.

[The goal is to] to bring the characters, action and adventure of Nintendo video games to life within Universal theme parks. And to do so in new and innovative ways that capture what makes them so special. All of the adventure, fun and whimsy you experience through a screen will now be all around you – in breathtakingly authentic ways.

According to the accompanying press release, each separate park will be slightly different, but equally “highly themed and authentic.” In addition to this, each park will feature a wide range of “expansive, immersive and interactive” challenges to keep guests entertained at all times.

Rumors about Nintendo’s expansion into Super Mario theme parks first surfaced back in March when Japanese news outlets reported that Universal has agreed to pour $350 million into the project.

There are no details about a potential launch date yet, but Miyamoto assures Nintendo and Universal will keep updates coming along the way.

via Polygon

Nintendo teases attractions for theme park expansion in Japan, Orlando and Hollywood on Nintendo

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