My Kind of Headstone

This is a real* headstone in a municipal cemetery:

In case you can’t see the photo below, the back of Russell Larson’s headstone reads:

Two things I love most,
good horses and beautiful
women, and when I die I hope
they tan this old hide of mine
and make it into a ladies riding
saddle, so I can rest in peace
between the two things I love

*Note: Not willing to take the word of the explanation going around by e-mail with the photo, I researched it, and sure enough the City of Logan’s official web site has a virtual tour of the town cemetery. They include a photo of the back of his stone with the note, “Russell Larson’s (12/16/21-1/26/83) stone provides a colorful and humorous verse instead of the traditional somber prose. This poem is a familiar one to cowboy poets.”

Posted May 18, 2016

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