Google’s Featured Photos screensaver app lands on MacOS

Google’s Featured Photos screensaver app lands on MacOS

If you’ve got a Chromecast, Pixel, or Google Fiber TV box, you’re probably familiar with the Featured Photos app. Essentially, it’s a screensaver app that shows off the best nature photos shared by the Google Plus community. And now, it’s landing on the Mac.

Featured Photos will display high-resolution photos whenever your machine is inactive, and works on Macs of all shapes and sizes, from from the dinkiest 11-inch MacBook Air, to the ginormous 5K, 27-inch iMacs.

Google’s often-overlooked social network is increasingly being used by photographers to share their snaps to the world, meaning that the company has a lot of snaps to choose from. Each one is attributed to the original creator, which is immensely helpful if you see a photograph you like and you want to follow the person who took it.

If you publish your photographs on Google Plus, there’s a chance that they’ll make their way to the Featured Photos app. However, if you want to increase your chances of this, you can sign up to the Google+ Create program.

Beautiful photos for your computer and phone on Neil Inala

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