Employ Others to Help Enforce Your Bedtime

You probably have to be up at a certain time every morning, so getting a good night’s rest comes down to falling asleep on time the night before. If you can’t get to bed at a decent hour on your own, ask for some help.

It’s easy to procrastinate sleep. There’s always one more episode of TV watch, one more hour you could spend with your friends, and one more cup of coffee you could chug in the morning to compensate. But good sleep is more important than you think, and too little of it will mess you up.

If you’ve tried getting to bed on time on your own, psychology professor Dan Ariely suggests you ask your partner, relative, or roommate to hold you accountable and keep you in check. If you live alone, ask someone to help you remotely. Tell them you’ll text a photo of you ready for bed every night, or have them text you at a certain time to check on you. Maybe they want to get more sleep to and you can help each other out. Get some help so you can get some sleep.

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