DiskTuna DFR – Deleted File Recovery Portable 1.0

DiskTuna DFR – Deleted File recovery is a lightweight and portable undelete utility. File systems supported are FAT, FAT32 and NTFS.

DiskTuna DFR helps you recover deleted documents, photos, archives or any other file type from hard disks, removable drives, cameras memory cards etc.. Unlike some other deleted file recovery utilities, DiskTuna DFR tries to make deleted file recovery as simple as possible. DiskTuna DFR is fully functional shareware!

Extremely easy operationA wide variety of filtering optionsExcellent Image Recovery Preview. DiskTuna does not show thumbnails. Instead image previews (for BMP, JPEG and GIF) are generated from the actual data stream.

Extract files to a USB key. Run software from there. Do not save recovered files to the drive from which you are recovering. Do not save the software to the drive that you need to recover data from! Please, see the readme.txt file before you run the installation file.

The best improvement idea will be rewarded with a license for iRecover + a free JPEG repair. The next 4 improvement ideas will also get a free JPEG repair. Please, use the Idea.Informer widget below to submit your ideas!

Our JPEG Repair Service will fix corrupt JPEG files. JPEG is a popular image format utilized by many consmer digital camera’s and smart phones. Due to the nature of JPEG’s storage of image data, corruption can easily occur. Corruption is often first detected by the inability to display digital photos (not a valid image file, too large or corrupt). This is often caused by structural damage: missing or corrupt ‘markers’.

The second type of corruption is in the (compressed) image data stream itself. Although the image can be viewed and even edited, colors are distorted and portions of the image may have shifted.

We developed our own JPEG repair tool kit to make the process as efficient as possible, although the repairs require the human eye and manual editing of binary data. This is why we can often repair JPEG files that automatic JPG repair tools can not.

DiskTuna offers a freeware defragmentation and disk optimization utility, which is where the name DiskTuna actually originates from: DiskTuna (as in Disk-Tuner). DiskTuna is a tiny and free disk defragmentation and optimization software, that will only run when you need and want it to. DiskTuna does not install background services or startup keys. A unique feature is it’s ability to create shortcuts to easily start ‘jobs’.

For example: Defrag the c: drive in the background, minimized, and close when done. It’s Optimize feature will significantly decrease Windows boot times and will place most frequently accessed files in the fastest area of the hard disk (outer platters). DiskTuna offers a VSS safe-mode to reduce the effect of defragmentation on Shadow Copies.

Unique: DiskTuna will pause when it detects a hard disk gets too hot.

Runs on Windows XP and higher and requires administrative rights for direct disk access.


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